Annual Dues


Mountain Home Canoe Club is a year round paddling organization that seeks to attract competitive paddlers committed to year round training. As such, we have established the policy of requiring annual membership fees from all members regardless of how frequently they choose to train or race. While many members elect to pay their dues in full each January, they may chose to make payments in three installments, due January 31, February 28/29 depending on Leap Year, and March 31. There is no monthly fee structure.  All membership dues for returning members are due by March 31 of the said year.  New members to the club throughout the year are based on a pro-rated schedule - see below. 

Every member is required to sign up for paddler's insurance, which provides accident and liability insurance to its individual and association members during all sanctioned Club events, including practices and racing. For more information, contact the Vice President who is in charge of insurance matters for the Club.  All waivers at the bottom of this page are required before paddling at the start of the year. 

Guest Paddlers and Prospective Members

Please email Julie Carter if you are interested in coming to the dock and paddling with MHCC.  Upon the approval, any member may extend guest privileges to a potential member or visiting paddler for a period of one month after approval through the New Paddler Contact. The host member is responsible for registering the name of the guest with the Secretary, and getting insurance and MHCC waivers signed.  Guests may paddle only on the OC6s and may not use the club small boats.  A Guest is expected to bring their signed waiver to the dock upon arrival.  A SIGNED WAIVER MUST be collected for a Guest to paddle. Email our New Paddler Contact, Julie Carter, with any questions you may have before hand. 

Prorated Dues for New Members

Persons joining the Club after the beginning of the year will have their membership fees prorated. Members returning from the previous calendar year will pay the full dues by January 31 to receive the discount or pay in three installments as listed below. Special cases may be considered by the Board.

Amount of Dues

The amount of membership dues is decided by the outgoing Board at the annual Club meeting each fall. This will be decided by the Board at the annual Club meeting and will depend on current Club goals and financial projections.

Reimbursement of Dues

When a member discontinues membership with the Club, he or she may request reimbursement of dues. This request must be presented to the Board in writing. Annual dues will be reimbursed according to the following schedule:

Less than 2 months membership 75% refund
Between 2 and 5 months membership 50% refund
Greater than 5 months membership No refund

Why Do We Pay Dues?

Maintaining an outrigger canoe club the size of Mountain Home is expensive and requires a substantial investment in equipment and facilities. Many outrigger canoe clubs require new members to pay initiation fees to help cover the cost of equipment and facilities that have existed before the new member joins. MHCC does not require initiation fees. As we grow and become more competitive, we want to acquire newer and better equipment. We have plans to improve our clubhouse and dock facilities and upgrading/ expanding our fleet of outrigger canoes and equipment. MHCC has an annual operating budget of over $30,000. Revenues are generated from dues, fundraisers and sponsorships.

Current Annual Dues (Click here to pay now with paypal)

Adult Individual Members Annual Dues:

PAY IN FULL - $300 total due by January 31 ($25.00 per month).

MONTHLY INSTALLMENT - $345 total in 3 monthly $115 installments, completed >> by March 31 ~ $115/Jan, $115/Feb, $115/March ($28.75 per month).

A PAYMENT OF AT LEAST $115 IS DUE BY JANUARY 31, of the said year.  This is $115 for your first month.  You will then be put on the payment plan for the three month installments.  


Couples Annual Dues:

Couples are those that are listed as spouses or domestic partners with the IRS.

PAY IN FULL - $510 if paid by January 31 ($42.50 per month).

MONTHLY INSTALLMENT - $600 if paid in 3 monthly $200 installments by March 31~ $200/Jan, $200Feb, $200/March ($50 per month).

Family Membership

Additional family members above the age of 18 are added as Individual Adult Members at the above price.  Below the age of 18, 2 children per family are included in the family rate above. 

MHCC Address for membership

For all members paying dues, all checks should BE MADE OUT TO: Mountain Home Canoe Club. 

Please ask the board if you have questions.

Please either drop off in the clubhouse or mail to:

Steve Pietila / Interim Treasurer, MHCC
P.O. Box 11862, Portland, Oregon 97211

Prorated Yearly Dues Schedule

Dues will be pro-rated for new members joining after March 31 of the said year, and for returning members who did not participate in the preceding year rejoining after January 31. New members are expected to pay full membership for the rest of the year either by paying the entire amount at the time of joining or they may make arrangements with the Board to defer payment over two payments. See chart below.

Individual Dues Pro-Rated as of March

March - $345.00
April - $330.00
May - $290.00
June - $250.00
July - $210.00
August - $175.00
September - $135.00
October - $100.00
November - $65.00
December - $32.50

MHCC dues through December 31

Fill out the Mountain Home Canoe Club Waiver online HERE.

Fill out Paddlesports Release of Liability Waiver online HERE.